Stan Sher


My Clients Experience

“It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Stan. Stan and I have known each other for over 10 years. I have always found him to be incredibly knowledgeable, funny, and a terrific leader. We always had great conversations about our Russian backgrounds. Anyone would be lucky to work with Stan.”

– Melanie Borden, Brand Strategist – Author – Marketing Consultant

“Stan is a fantastic resource for almost any automotive BDC customer questions. I have noticed that he is willing to go that extra mile for almost anyone that asks him! I would recommend Stan to anyone looking to build a customer-originated winning team.”

-Sean Stapleton, CEO of Dealer Teamwork

“I’ve known Stan for years. When I have a social media question or need web branding advice I turn to Stan. In addition to his knowledge in the field, his advice is clear and straight to the point.”

-Hanny Badran, Accountant

“I hired Stan six months ago to help us build and manage a world-class BDC department for our Nissan store. Consequently, I have been working very closely with Stan during this time. Today I can proudly say that our BDC department has grown steadily under his management and this month will exceed 70 sales. Stan is a great guy to work with, mainly because he always maintains a positive attitude. He is extremely dedicated to his job and has a tremendous work ethic. Stan also has an in debt knowledge of the automotive internet business and his input has proven very useful. I would highly recommend Stan Sher and look forward to working with him for a long time.”

-Steven Risso, President at Teddy Nissan

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Stan as we were growing up. He was a very motivated, interesting, and social individual and has lots of friends. He presented himself as a very successful talent that will surely flourish with dignity and confidence in the world. Surely, now his talents are widely visible to his business clients. Keep up the good work Stan!!!”

-George Pavlushkin, Founder of Elite Group at RE/MAX Central

“Wow, life has a way of coming full circle and that is the case with Stan and me. I had the pleasure of training and coaching Stan while at DCH Automotive Group. He has taken the “Best Practices” that I introduced to him and has taken it to another level. Stan is good at what he does and will continue to be for he has mastered the Golden Rule “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” Keep fighting the good fight Stan and you will continue to shine.”

-Brandon Hardison, Director of Training at Jim Ellis Automotive Group

“I had the opportunity to be trained by Stan at Classic Chevrolet. He was hired as a Consultant to properly train our BDC/ Internet department including managers. Stan was very professional and worked diligently sometimes 13 hours a day. He even worked on New Years Day. Stan did not want to stop training until he saw results. He took our BDC department to a whole new level and I personally saw my own improvements as well. Not only did Stan just boost our internet department but he is still one of my go-to guys for advice. I highly recommend Stan, from internet marketing to consulting Stan Sher is your go-to guy who will get the job done right the first time!”

-Michael Flores

“I had the privilege of working with Stan at Teddy Nissan. Whether during his Product Management or Product Marketing roles, Stan has always executed at a high standard with enthusiasm and Commitment. As a Market and internet Manager, Stan was a true pillar during the Development process. His ability to gather information and make strong business decisions was greatly appreciated. You could always count on Stan for his judgment. While working with Stan in the Marketing capacity, I was always in awe regarding the creativity and innovation he brings – he has a knack for thinking outside box and turning vision from paper to reality. I would confidently recommend Stan to any company.”

-Andrew Mankarious, Automotive Consultant

“I have known Stan for many years as a client at my barbershop. Our relationship grew after he came in to help my business increase our brand awareness. He has helped me with strategies that included creating plans for expansion into other markets. We successfully ran charity events in our salon as well. He is the person I go to every time I need to create marketing content, PR and even organize processes in my business.”

-Renat Nekhamiyev, Managing Member at City Master Barbers & Hair Salon