Stan Sher

Social Sher Book

Read about my story and the lessons that I learned along the way. One hour of reading will transform your mindset!


Social Sher’s Skills That Pay The Bills are designed to let people know that there is always untapped opportunity within ourselves to do better. A true-life story that ends each chapter with a life lesson designed to empower the reader. Every life experience that we encounter provides us with skills for survival. Times are fluctuating from great to sometimes scary. We need to be armed with the abilities to survive and thrive. Learn from how the author built massive levels of success only to lose it all not once but twice. He came back better than ever by using a proven process that was learned way back in his teens. In a world where people get rewarded for participation, this book is a constant reminder about where people need to shift their mindset. Start to focus on what is important by taking action and taking care of the people around us. The goal is to control our own destiny and not give in to the pressures of society. The standard practices of life that generations before us had practiced are not exactly the ones that we need to follow. While a new generation of people enter the business world we need to remind them that success comes in many forms. We create our own success through the actions that we put into place. We cannot give up when times get difficult. We must learn to build, survive and thrive no matter what the cost. It does not matter if we work one job, two jobs, or build multiple businesses. Life is short and if we are going to live it we must put our all into it and create an everlasting legacy. There will be life lessons. There will be discussions about different industries such as the automotive industry and marketing. There will also be talk about family. The reader will leave with an open mind and a desire to step up their goals and productivity. This is an opportunity to look within ourselves and create a “growth hacking” plan to become the best version of ourselves. All of this comes from one man’s story!