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Web Development Strategic Planning Life Lessons

Why is it important to be strategic about website planning?

Personalization & dedication to the detail of how the image for a business or individual should look in the public eye. We heard the words “image is everything” advertised by tennis legend Andre Agassi before. He was not wrong! Do we want to showcase how professional we are and justify why our skills and experience are worth top dollar or do we want to be careless and sloppy chasing down small-time opportunities? Remember the show “How I Met Your Mother” when Barney would say “Suit Up”? Why was he successful in his career? Why was he successful in attracting women? Image.

Our website needs to look great to the eye and feel great in the heart. This is strategic marketing on how to build a brand. People need to remember us for how we looked and how we left an impact on them.

Why go crazy?

This is the baby of a business owner that is working hard to deliver the very best version of himself to a saturated market filled with competitors. Every detail is important. Every image. Every word. Every break in the sections. When I need a website built for myself or my clients I will spend sleepless nights working on content, strategy, and ideas. I will stalk the competition and see what I love or cannot stand about their image. A price simply cannot be put on the amount of time, energy, resources, and emotion that is put into this work. When we work at it to the extent that we are about to lose our minds we discover growth. The growth not only brings up our skill level but also how we think and use our minds. Here I was rebranding my “bread & butter” company, Dealer eTraining.

Lesson Time…

As business owners and leaders looking to take the next step up, we need to become obsessed with details. These are details that the average person might skip or just never imagine. The biggest lessons that we learn come from our ongoing need to obsess about our image. If you are building a multi-million dollar business you need to get obsessed with the brand image. If you are just trying to grow yourself to attract bigger and better opportunities you need to get obsessed with the skills that you acquire to generate your own opportunities.

I am not a web developer. In fact, every time I look at the backend of WordPress I cringe because it is annoying to me. However, I understand how I want to be seen. I understand what words people will type to find me in their searches. I understand who my competitors are in business and who my competitors are in life (me, myself, and I).

You never truly develop that understanding until you plan to take on the world and build your own brand. So watch this video of me describing to my developer my vision to let it come to life. My lessons may not always make sense at first. Good! I want you to open up your mind and follow my journey.

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