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Be Proud To Tell Your Story

What is my story?

If you have been following my journey over the last few months you know that I just had my first book published called “Social Sher’s The Skills That Pay The Bills”. The process of writing my book was not challenging because I sat back and told a story. However, I did dig out a lot of emotions out of my system. My story was not very sad. I never got arrested. I never did drugs. I came from an amazing family. But I did come have adversity. I was a B and C student. I was terrible at taking tests. Also, I was bullied as a kid. All of these things did not matter as I got older because my focus shifted to being a success.

The things that we experience in our younger years are supposed to shape what we become. I was proud to work multiple jobs and gain experience in my early years. While things were never easy to accomplish I still enjoyed the process of getting there. As I started to learn not to care what people think and ignore “haters” I developed my comfort zone. In fact, I became successful when I knew that I can leverage my “skills that pay the bills”.

Why should I be proud?

As we become older, wiser, and more experienced we look back and think about what brought us to this position. I looked at the great times and not-so-great times. I am proud of it all. We are made from our experiences. The pains and gains are what truly define what we become. So why not be proud of yourself? Why not be proud of what you have become? If you have a great story to tell that will inspire people to better themselves then start being proud to tell it. Open up old scars and sew them back in with positivity. There are things I have not told for many years that I started talking about. Do I care if someone thinks it is funny or pathetic that I was a bad test taker? Not at all. I developed more skills and experiences in my first 38 years on the planet than many people will in multiple lifetimes.

Stop being afraid! Why should you be proud?

Think about every positive way that life has made you better and stronger. You have skills now that you did not have 20 years ago. You went through a rollercoaster of experiences and now you are here to talk about it. Appeal to the masses and focus on the positive that comes out. The negative “haters” only hate because they never had the courage to do what you do?

Look I am a public speaker. Do you think I will make everyone happy when I am on stage at a conference? Definitely not! Someone has an opinion that might be in my favor. But out of a group of 30 people in the room maybe only 5 sign up for my services. Those same 5 will rave about me and bring me 5 more fans and clients. Now I have 10 that bring me 10 more. You will generate excellent reviews and become marketable. The ones that do not end up being fans will move on. They will still follow me because they will be curious. So be proud of what you achieved and tell the story with your shoulders back and a confident smile. Everyone loves a great story so give it to them!

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